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Charcoaling ikebana


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Little story to go with this one before I start it out. It's one of the better songs I wrote, with a little bit of help from a faraway angel, once in my mind, soon in my heart, forever in my life (and always with a nose in the thesaurus). This was written after a very vivid dream I had where I believe I had committed suicide.

I believe some of you may have read a portion of this one before.

Since this is one of the more recent ones, I took a shot at polishing it more as I thought it would work. I'm going to record the tune on September the 10th this year, so that someone (probably Mel, her heavenly vocal tones would work much better on the track than my half-shot third-octave falsetto) can help me record the vocals over the top. See how it goes. Anyway.

Charcoaling Ikebana

Charcoaling ikebana took you hours to prepare

But when you look inside the fire your flowers are not there

Scarred remains of Memory Lane made once for you consumed

You lost me on the road to paradise when all was doomed

Don't cry to me that all you want to give has gone away

When all that's there that I should care is who I want today

I know the painless victory, the ashes that you gave to me

You don't know how it's meant to be, or what you want to say

Inflammable daydreaming set my first farewell aflame

How can I taste sweet happiness while you taste bitter shame

Your offering of time to me is one I can't pass by

When I lose hope I turn to you, I know you cannot lie

Plenteous cup of water to invigorate my birth

Bleeding from the sweetest cup to show you all I'm worth

You don't want me to let you go, but I can't bare to let me show

The slashes from the blades that grow and multiply on Earth

Find comfort in me, don't dream and say goodbye

Nestle in my blacker heart and rubricate our sky

Let me come to you in perfect dreams of piercing screams

And greater means to come round now and wonder why

Asphyxiated pleasure stemmed from diuturnal lust

Nobody who could love this much found their heart wouldn't rust

Strangleheld for pleasure yet released for satisfaction

Whispered in repellent breeze, soon destined for attraction

Antonymous relief of contradictory desire

Homophonous belief belonging somewhere ever higher

Into a world where only you will ever know the life that grew

It sounds the same to those who never knew life on the wire

Warning signs from far away all extirpate sensation

Auguries from close to home torment my weak foundation

Perforated skin and bones reveal inside contusion

Legs and arms on razorblade are never an illusion

Suicide seems painless on a warmer yesterday

But now my skin has broken in phantasmal echoes say

That they're not speaking to my face, they couldn't leave a clearer space

To slash my shell and take their place of terminal decay

Find comfort in me, don't dream and say goodbye

Nestle in my blacker heart and rubricate our sky

Let me come to you in perfect dreams of piercing screams

And greater means to come round now and wonder why

Vaporescent tears of memories

Cruoric perspiration leaves

Suppurate external masterpieces of my mind

Rape the inner distribution

Of a simplistic solution

Subcutaneous profusion of a pain that drove me blind

I have no idea what it means. Something like, screw the world, it's none of my business any more.

Love and mercy


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Thanks Gilliann. I do quite like it... not that I understand it at all...

I phoned her to see if we could make the first attempt at recording it three o'clock tomorrow morning, but, I couldn't stand the backchat from the answering machine.

Now all I need is a piano player (I'd do it, but unfortunately I'm playing timps and congas on the intro and outro..!)

Thanks again

Love and mercy

Wow matt, thats amazing, your truly talented, good luck to you and Mel on the recording :thumbsup:
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