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Is there a Part 2 to D. Fogelbergs song (Some Old Lang Syne) ???

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Here's what I found on the subject.

The hit single "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg, released in 1980, did not have a sequel according to an interview with Dan in 1994.

(see link below)

Interview 1994 Dan Fogelberg

Is it possible you are thinking of Harry Chapin's sequel to his song "Taxi"?

Harry Chapin released a hit single about meeting up with an old girlfriend called "Taxi" in 1972, which is similar in subject to Dan's song.

He released a sequel to the song "Taxi" in 1980 (the same year that Dan's single hit the charts) called "Sequel".

You can check out lyrics to all 3 songs below.

"Same Old Lang Syne" lyrics - Dan Fogelberg

"Taxi" lyrics - Harry Chapin

"Sequel" lyrics - Harry Chapin

On a completely different note, talking about songs where someone meets up with a old flame, Bob Dylan touches on that subject in his song "Tangled Up In Blue".

"Tangled Up In Blue" lyrics - Bob Dylan

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