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Greetings from the depths, part 2!


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Hi everyone. I have just came back from the most extraordinary weekend I've spent in a long time. 4 days of non-stop diving in the beautiful city of Brockville, Ontario, along the St. Lawrence Seaway. It was shipwreck Heaven. We dove the Keystorm (in U.S. waters), and it was completely breathtaking. keystorm0nn.jpg The bow of the wreck sits only 20 feet below the surface, the stern is 120 feet down. sternsection0xv.jpg I had been looking forward to seeing the prop, and I wasn't disappointed. my.php?image=sternprop5ds.jpg

The night dive (required for the next level of dive certificate, Advanced Open Water) was totally intimidating. A red strobe was tied to my tank and I asked about it's purpose. I was told it made body recovery easier. Slipping below the surface and all you can see are the beams of lights from your other dive-mates, and their tank-strobes. Other than that, it was really friggin' dark. Once we got to the wreck (the Gaskin, over 100 years old. We had dove it earlier that day so I was familiar with the ship's orientation) I was surprised at the sheer number of fish that weren't there during the day. Turns out the night dive wasn't as scary or as intimidating as I had originally believed. The last dive we had done today was a drift, or current dive. The charter captain set us down on a wreck we had already dove, and instructed us to bypass it and head for the wall it was tucked up against. My partner for this dive was a Saudi neurologist, Aisha, and her and I had a blast. The depth along this wall ranged from the surface all the way down to 210 feet (unattainable to us). We hung around the 85 to 110 foot mark and the current was screaming. We must have drifted almost a mile before our air supply told us that we had better head up to the surface. p10402002df.jpg .

Sorry guys. I had to share. It was just that exciting...

I am off for a good night sleep.



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