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Improvements to SOngfacts

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I was wondering how often new songs are added to Songfacts? If they are added quite alot, perhaps there could be a "Newly Added" bit on the main page, this would stop some songfacts never being discovered! For instance I have looked up all the JOhn Lennon songfacts, and probably won't go back to look, at least for a while, so if a new song was added I would never know, just a thought.

Also one thing that has always bugged me is that you can't search by artist aswell.

LOVE The site though, it's seriously addictive!

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We are planning a major code rewrite, so this is a great time to make any suggestions.

We haven't done an updated songs list for these reasons:

1) Writing the code could be tough.

2) We usually update every week or two, which can make it appear neglected. We'd do it more, but uploading a database is quite a process.

3) We like people to subscribe to the newsletter, which contains a list of the updated songs.


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That's one of the improvements we'll make - newsletter management.

Searching by artist might be a good idea, and it wouldn't take too much effort. Maybe we'll test it and see what happens.

With the newsletter, you can sign up for it if you register anywhere on the main site (to take the quiz, for example).

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