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  1. Where do i subscribe to the newsletter? can't find it on the site.....thanks.
  2. "you can search by artist, the options are "browse by song title" and "browse by artist"" Yeah but while you can "search for a song" simply by typing in a bit of the title, you can't do the same for artists. I'll guess i'll sign up for the newsletter then, cheers!
  3. I was wondering how often new songs are added to Songfacts? If they are added quite alot, perhaps there could be a "Newly Added" bit on the main page, this would stop some songfacts never being discovered! For instance I have looked up all the JOhn Lennon songfacts, and probably won't go back to look, at least for a while, so if a new song was added I would never know, just a thought. Also one thing that has always bugged me is that you can't search by artist aswell. LOVE The site though, it's seriously addictive!
  4. There's loads of non-mushy songs that aren't about sex! My ULTIMATE is Walking After You by the Foo Fighters and Into MY Arms by Nick Cave but there's a few more I like. Oh My Love- JOhn Lennon KNocks Me Off My Feet- STevie WOnder AUgust- Rilo Kiley Yellow- Coldplay God Only Knows- Beach Boys Iris- Goo Goo Dolls Here, There, Everywhere- The Beatles I Will- The Beatles Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
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