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Why is Emo Music so Popular?

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There are many reasons Emo is so popular. The first is that a few prettier than average girls think that those guys who sing it are "sensitive" and emotional so guys stated acting like that to get the girls. Second reason is that the few artsy pretentious kids in the school liked it and the other psudo-intelectual kids ran with it, thinking that it was the new artsy rock.

By the way I think it stands for EmoCore, as in emotional Hard Core, it sounds the same to me.

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Hmmm, even though I've made fun of emo in this thread, I just listened to an early 90's emo band called Sunny Day Real Estate, and I must say, they're quite good. I'm not sure how much of the emo genre they represent though.

Haha, I don't remember saying that line (how can I be happy if nobody thinks I'm sad) but it's pretty clever! Kudos, Batman!

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