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I heard these guys on the Howard Stern show today and they were amazing. They did "I Am The Walrus" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" to perfection.

You need to hear and see this band. They are studio guys. Will Lee from Letterman and Jimmy Vivino from Conan (Note: The Jimmy Vivino Band played at my wedding and, of course, Jimmy's brother is the one and only Uncle Floyd).

They had all kinds of strings playing, tapes they created at home, musicians switching instruments throughout the song...all to recreate the music of The Beatles. They true to recreate it in the spirit of loving the music, loving playing together and trueness to the song.

They said they are playing this weekend and are trying the solo years. Around Christmas, they want to do the entire White Album start to finish.

They played in Liverpool recently too. got great reviews. Becuase of the TV shows most of the band has met Ringo and Paul....those guys were in a pretty good Beatles band too.

The FAB Faux gets my highest recommendation.

Here's the web site.


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