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Ross, from Lafayette, La, is a recent winner so

Shannon from Where angels fear to tread, wins a clean, comfortable Songfacts t-shirt!

And here are the correct answers:

1) What famous singer appeared in a commercial for Victoria's Secret?

Bob Dylan

2) What group had a #1 hit with a song written by Bruce Springsteen?

Manfred Mann's Earth Band , with 'Blinded By the Light'

3) What hard-rock singer recently announced that he would stop making music and concentrate on making movies?

Marylin Manson

4) What #1 hit from the '60s was recently remade and used in a movie?

'These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

'I'm A Believer'

5) What famous actor had a US Top-40 hit with a song he performed in an '80s movie with a popular female singer?

Michael J. Fox performed 'Light of Day' in the movie of the same name, with Joan Jett

6) What famous singer got her start with a lot of help from a member of Pink Floyd?

Kate Bush. Dave Gilmour funded her first demo sessions.

7) In a music video from the '90s, a former child star, a future supermodel and the star of a TV sitcom all appeared. What was the video?

Black Or White by Michael Jackson. Macaulay Culkin, George Wendt and Tyra Banks all appeared in the morphing sequence.

8) What hit song starts with a count from 1 to 4 in Spanish?

'Wooly Bully', by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. We had a lot of people guess the song 'Vertigo', but it actually counts off in Spanish 1,2,3,14. Ah, those crafty quizmakers set another trap, and more than half fell for it.

9) What male singer has 2 hit songs with the same girl's name in the title?

David Bowie, with 'Jean Genie' and 'Blue Jean'.

10) A Rock group that formed in the '70s and a Pop group from the '90s both have sisters with the same last name. What is that name?

Wilson, with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart from the 70's, and Wilson/Phillips from the 90's.

There you have it, music lovers. Thanks to all who participated, and congrats to the lucky winner. Be sure and check out this month's quiz.

You could win a way cool Songfacts tee!!

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I have a couple of questions regarding your answers!

5...John Travolta also had an 80's Top 40 hit with "Take A CHance" performed with Olivia Newton-John in the movie "Two of A Kind"

9...Buddy Holly had hits with "Peggy Sue" and "Peggy Sue Got Married"

If these are correct, then I think I answered ALL 10 correctly.

Thanks, Gina

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Ross here. I found that Paul Anka had hits with "Diana" (up to #1 on Billboard) and "Remember Diana" (up to #39). I thought about your Peggy Sue duo, but I never saw where "Peggy Sue Got Married" charted, so I went with Paul Anka.

Also, I won in April, so I don't think I'm eligible for the prize yet.

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After an exhaustive search, "Peggy Sue Got Married", which was released in 1959, I could not find anywhere where the song charted.

Any time there are answers that are repeated, they are researched to make sure all the correct answers are accounted for.

As far as the John Travolta answer, "Take A Chance" could not be found on any chart, any where in my resources.

I use Alaska Jim's Music charts, which contains several different charts, which can be viewed by week, year ending, by single, by album, any way you want to look at music. I couldn't find the song anywhere.

Thank you, Gina, for your input. As far as you winning back in April, Ross, I am not sure what the rules are regarding this. This is my first month running the quiz, and I am not sure of the history of the winners. I will have to check with the big boss.

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