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Okay I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but the lyrics of the day Are always from the same song! I mean usually it's either "I'll be missing you" or "Wonderwall", I was wondering if that was on purpose or if you've just got a really bad randomizer? Because it didn't used to be so bad just recently. Also, the song of the week is repeated every now and then too (I think that "Bitter Sweet Symphony" has been the song of the week just *one* to many times)

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I can blame this only on a carbon based error, namely Sara and I. One of us usually sets the lyrics of the day for a week at a time and also picks a feature song. We have a very informal system for keeping track of what songs we have used recently, which is something like this:

Carl: "Have we ever used Bittersweet Symphony for the feature song?"

Sara: "I don't think so, but I like that song."

The advantage to this system is that we can put in apropriate songs, like "Your Mother Should Know" on Mother's Day. The downside is the limitations of our memory. If you guys have suggestions for specific songs on specific days, or ideas for feature songs, let us know.


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