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McCartney's Mini-Movie Focuses on Super Bowl Show

Paul McCartney's appearance at this year's Super Bowl has been turned into a mini-movie.

The National Football League (NFL) filmed the former Beatle arriving in Jacksonville, Florida and preparing for his half-time show and now officials are releasing the footage as part of a new hour-long documentary, 'Paul McCartney Backstage - Super Bowl XXXIX'.

The footage, which will premiere on Sunday, features McCartney singing "Singin' in the Rain" when the performance is threatened by a downpour and gives viewers a giggle when he promises he will not be experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

The rocker also explains he's impressed with the military-style operation to set up his stage and then take it down after his performance - all in 24 minutes.

He says, "It is like a finely tuned jewelry heist. In the movies you see where they guy comes down on the rope and he mustn't cross the laser or touch anything. That is what it is like, or you are busted and the police arrive."

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