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What a neat gathering place this is!! Hi everyone! I am Lateboomer and I am the owner of an online classic rock station called ThunderRockRadio? ... Some of my DJs quote the factoids available here, they're a fantastic resource...and some of them have even contributed facts of their own!

I'm on the downhill slide to age 50 (YIKES!)so for me, my favourite time musically was during the 70s... I am one of the few who admits to loving disco then (don't hit me, LOL) and dancing in dance-a-thons but my musical tastes are quite varied. (I can remember WHERE I was and what I was doing when I heard Queen's "Killer Queen" for the first time!) I bawled my eyes out seeing them in concert for the first time in 1977 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)!

What memories..!! I am looking forward to sharing and reading with you folks...

Rock On,

Lateboomer :guitar:


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