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Letter Under Green


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This one's pretty self-explanatory...inspiration came from listening to Goodnight Saigon way too many times...lol

:) Laura

Letter Under Green

When the shadows fall

The trees, they shield us all

From the hidden enemies

And the now predicted siege

When tomorrow comes

The sun will blind us all

And the attacker that comes first

Leads the men against the wall

We?ll go down into the ground

Seeking shelter from the fire

No protection from the sound

And no time remains to tire

So we fire into the crowd

At the enemy ahead

Running towards the line of fire

With our helmets on our heads

And we can hope

That today will soon be gone

And tomorrow when we wake

We will be here to march on

Cause this war deserves a fight

In the darkness here tonight

And as you read this letter dear

Please don?t waste too many tears

Cause I?ll be back with you in time

When my reasons are all gone

When the enemy has failed

And we finally can go home

But today the fight goes on

And I can?t leave them all alone

In the day and night we run

Beneath the moon and now the sun

And I?ll come home

You won?t forever be alone

So as you read this letter dear

Please don?t waste too many tears

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