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I am going to see Kiss in concert (they are playing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the support acts are Aussie bands Grinspoon and Machine Gun Fellatio) when they arrive in Australia for a four date tour. I was just wondering what they are like live and would love it if any people out there who have seen them live could fill me in....thanks


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Hi Katie. I have been a hard-core Kiss fan since Halloween night, 1976. Here is what you can expect to see. You will see one of Rock's most enduring theatrical rock bands going through the motions. You are seeing a 'ghost' of what 'used to be'. Oh, the volume, pyro, and theatrics will be intact, the original spirit of the band, long gone. What you will see is an excellent tribute band. 2 of the original 4 have been booted / quit / sent packing, depending on what your sources are. The two that are left (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons) are carrying on something that should have been retired honourably , 4 years ago. And while I may sound bitter, consider this. As I type these words to you I can see my Kiss Calendar and my Kiss action figures, both proudly displayed in my office here at work. Without Ace Frehley on lead and Peter Criss behind the drum kit, you are seeing an elaborate cover band. They have taken Kiss' old tour manager and put him into Frehley's "Space Ace" make-up and costume. They have taken a drummer they randomly use and put him into Peter's "Catman" make-up and costume. The make-up you will see on those two men was designed by the originals. The make up.... meant... something to the two originals. To me, it's like this. I love both my Mother and Father. And if they split, I'd still love them both. But I don't want my Dad marrying someone that looks like my mother, talks like my mother, acts like my mother, smells like my mother, and tell me it's Ma. I know the difference.

I turn my back on the men that were once my idols, yet embrace what they once represented. Being different. Pushing the limits, and challenging the norm. When other bands had 5 Marshall stack amps on stage, they had 20. When other bands at the time (New York Dolls, Cooper, Bowie, T. Rex, Gary Glitter, etc) were fooling with the whole 'glam' thing, eyeliner and stuff, they drove it up over the top. Blue Oyster Cult had a bit of pyro. Kiss took it to the max. Their true identities were never really known. There was mystery and magic. That's all gone now.

Katie, you go and enjoy your show, and I mean that sincerely. You probably paid a hefty price for your ticket. You are going to have your eyeballs blasted, and your ears assaulted. If you like your rock theatrical, you'll not leave disappointed. But for this old guy, I'd just leave sad. But I have the memories and the music burned brightly in my brain. Ferocious guitar licks and that illuminated logo keep me warm. The original members...


stay with me.

Take care,


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Hey Ken, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I understand what you mean when you speak of a sorta half-baked Kiss. One of my friends said that yes, of course he is jealous that I have tickets and he doesn't but I am only seeing half the band, therefore he is no where near as jealous as what he could be.

Basically I am only 19 years old, so I missed out on all the golden days of Kiss. I was too young to ever see the original band, so I guess 2 outta 4 ain't bad from where I'm sitting. (Detroit Rock City is my fave movie of all time)

I paid $110 australian for my ticket, which seemed pretty reasonable to me.

You are so so so lucky to have witnessed the original Kiss and to have been part of the Kiss generation.

BTW, what's your favourite Kiss song? Mine is "Sure Know Something"


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