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By the way..which one's Pink?

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Nick Mason to Expose Shocking Pink Floyd Secrets

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason plans to write a novel exposing the sordid scandals of his rock 'n' roll life - because they were too outrageous to be included in his memoirs.

The identities of the fellow musicians involved will be changed when Mason begins writing the 'fictional' work, and the "Dark Side of the Moon" star is excited about the intrigue the book will trigger.

Mason's comprehensive autobiography ?Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd? is his personal account of life in the legendary rock band, but Mason was too afraid of disgracing his contemporaries to include certain anecdotes.

He says, "I would like to write fiction, changing names, to include events too scandalous for this book."

"The trick is trying to decipher what's based on reality and what is an imaginative twist."

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