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Daltry stars in "Splash"...sort of...

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Roger Daltrey to Star in TV Show

The Who legend Roger Daltrey is testing his acting skills again in a new TV show.

The "My Generation" rocker - who has previously starred in movies like 'McVicar,' 'Tommy' and 'Buddy's Song' - has signed up to appear in an untitled mermaid drama pilot for Warner Bros.

The TV pilot centers around a mermaid who samples life on land in Miami. Daltrey will play the antagonist on the show.


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He also had a show on the History Channel last year. It was a sort of reality show where he did stuff like traveling in a little boat on the Colorado River for a week with only the same provisions Lewis and Clark had. The "selling point" of the show was that he might get seriously injured as we listen to him spout off unique English sayings and cussing.

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