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Glenn (Cantona)

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  • 35 years later...

I Want to get the word out about a Seattle band that is getting a a lot of buzz and should be doing great things soon! They are called Cantona, and they've been around about two years now. These guys make great pop music (Britpop meets alt Country meets Power Pop with a bit of Soul), and they are kind of a mix of a lot of bands, but they've been compared to Rilo Kiley, The Cardigans and The Sundays, to name a few.

They just released their first EP, A Sort of Smile, and the songs are available for preview, purchase and download at both CD Baby and iTunes! I have some links below. In the meantime, check out their site, new pictures and songs are going to be added soon! Lemme know what you guys think ... I just started coming here and getting a lot of good music reco's, hopefully you'll like mine!

Meet Cantona!


Buy Cantona!


iTunes->Advanced Search->Artist=Cantona

Request Cantona on KEXP , Seattle's non-comemrical radio station. This station is available for web streaminng and most all of the bands I've read about in this forum are played here! It is one of the most streamed websites in the world!


Thanks everyone. :-) :rockon:


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Hi Nick,

I haven't got any speakers on my PC so I can't listen unfortunately. Question - is the band named after the mercurial hairy eyebrowed Frenchman, Eric? If so, does it sing about seagulls following the trawler, and does the crowd chant 'ooh-ahh' at gigs?


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Firstly Nicky, thanks for the kind words!

I see you're Seattle based, next time you make it to a show come and say hello, we'd love to meet you!

Diggs, we're kind of named after the famous Kung Fu Frenchman. I'm an exiled red, moved to Seattle from Manchester 6 years ago, and Eric was my favourite player. When we were looking for a name I was reading a book about Mexico and saw a town called Cantona, plus our bass player is called Erik, so it seemed fitting!

As great a player and an entertainer as Mr. C was, our singer Leslie has the edge on him when it comes to expressing herself in her lyrics, maybe not in kicking the crowd tho' :-)

Great idea about the chant, might stop so many Americans calling us can-toner!

Thanks guys!

Glenn (from Cantona)

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Hi everyone, Nick here. So awesome that others have posted messages, I didn't expect it anyone would write back to the thread!

Hi Glenn! Hope we can meet up, I'm a friend of Leslie's. She was telling me some stories about you guys and I have been sorta getting hooked on songfacts just looking up cool stuff on other bands, I thought I'd try to add some for your band! I'm not sure if they'll be added, we'll see. But it's awesome that you check out the message baord, hope you don't mind me trying to spread some work on your band, I think you guys are great! I saw you guys play at The Sunset on your Cd release but didn't have a chance to come up and say "hi" there were so many folks around you. when do you guys play again?

Kind regards,


Currently listening to Kasabian's self titled, how about you guys? :coolio:

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