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The future of RNR?


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Could Indie Rock be the future of Rock and Roll? With punk and metal becoming more awful by the minute, could bands like Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse, and Muse save a dying art? And if Indie becomes mainstream, doesn't it technically cease to be Indie? Then what do we call it?

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I think LedStones/DC is on the right track with thinking those bands will be the new RNR. Those bands along with the following are the future of rock:

The Killers

Weezer ( I know they've been around for ten years, but I think they'll be back)

Velvet Revolver

Sam Roberts

and I can't think of anymore, but they ARE some good rock bands around that aren't this punk sh*t. The only new "punk" band I like is Sum 41. Listen to "We're All to Blame".


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Come on people how about the most promising act in years...... that's right AUDIO-FREAKIN'-SLAVE!!!!! I can't get enough of their album, its so awesome, it's got some great tracks to rock out to RATM syle (such as Cochise, and Set it Off) and then there are tracks that Cornell's voice just carries you away in (such as the beautiful 'I am The Highway') You know, I'm postin' this album in the music of choice forum.

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