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I bought the album 'The Eyes Of Alice Cooper' album recently, and tonight is the first time I've listened to it. I didn't expect it to be all that good, but it really rocks (if you like The Coop that is). There's a couple of sons on the album that don't sound like it should him singing it, such as 'Novocaine', that song just sounds too young for him...

But this fabulous song I've had on repeat for the last 30 minutes, it truly belongs with the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' era I reckon, so there is tonight's recommendation from moi!

This House Is Haunted

I was sitting in my room, dark and gray and crying

Someone in my life I fear was at the point of dying

A cold wind blew right up my spine, it was the break of dawn

A little voice way deep inside told me she was gone

Oh... This house is haunted

Oh... That`s how I want it to be

Oh... This house is haunted

You can always stay here with me...

No more singing, no more laughing, no more sunny days

She left and took the colours with her, buried in her grave

This is where we climbed the tower, this is where she fell

Then when her young heart stopped beating, I went to hell

Oh... This house is haunted

Oh... Ha....

Oh... This house is haunted

Ho.. . Oh...

You float through the living room, I watch my TV

I feel you sit down on the couch right here next to me

Then I feel you lips touch mine just like we used to do

I`m so happy all alone being here with you...

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I got this in my monthly Alice Cooper e-mail newsletter. Looks like he's going to be in your neck of the woods, Katie

Alice and the band are in the recording studio right now working on the new album! The working title is "Dirty Diamonds" and it's shaping up to be another real rock n' roll album in the style of "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper" but with a couple of interesting twists and surprises. More tour dates will be announced soon, including a lot of shows in Europe and North America from July through October."

Alice's first-ever theatre tour of Australia and your chance to meet him!

Alice Cooper is pleased to announce the 2005 Australia Tour presale ticket packages! Special ticket offers for Europe and North America will be announced in the future on AliceCooper.com.

Head over to AliceCooper.com to get presale access to the ticket packages, before the general public. The presale through AliceCooper.com will begin on Tuesday,March 15th at 11AM Local Time/Sydney.

June 20, 2005 - Newcastle, AUS - Newcastle Civic Theatre

June 23, 2005 - Sydney, AUS - Syndey Enmore Theatre

June 28, 2005 - Brisbane, AUS - Convention & Exhibition Centre

June 30, 2005 - Melbourne, AUS - The Palais Melbourne

July 2, 2005 - Adelaide, AUS - The The Barton Theatre

July 4, 2005 - Perth, AUS - The Burswood Theatre

BUY YOUR TICKETS - http:/www.AliceCooper.com

Note: Packages and seat locations and prices may vary by venue. Please read the show's ticket description for specific details. Ticket offerings can change without advance notice.


Bronze Ticket Presale - Rows 1-30

This is a Presale opportunity only. Sales end Thursday, Mar. 17th, 12PM Local Time/Sydney (3/16 5PM PST)

Ticket price varies by venue, please check show descriptions.

Package includes:

* One premium price level ticket in ROWS 1-30 or a GA ticket. May vary by venue.

* Tickets sold on a First Come, First Served Basis, may vary by venue.

* Tickets will be available at the venue box office the day of the show.


Platinum Ticket Package - ROWS 1-2

Price Per Ticket Package - $400 USD. May vary by venue.

These ticket packages are available until they are soldout or 4 weeks prior to the show.

Each ticket purchased receives the following items:

* One ticket premium price level between ROWS 1 -2 or a GA ticket. May vary by venue.

* One Show Only Official Alice Cooper Ticket VIP laminate.

* Preshow backstage tour

* Exclusive ticket package t-shirt

* Autographed ?Alice Cooper Cash? (the prop money from the show)

* For General Admission shows early entry will be provided

* Meet and Greet with Alice Cooper

* Photo with Alice Cooper!

* Limit 2 tickets per show.

* Ticket and backstage pass will be delivered at venue box office the night of the show.

* Internet only offer.

BUY YOUR TICKETS - http://www.AliceCooper.com

Note: Packages and seat locations and prices may vary by venue. Please read the show's ticket description for specific details. Ticket offerings can change without advance notice.

Please visit the ticket faq at http://www.fanfire.com/alicecooper/faq.html


A VERY LIMITED PORTION of all tickets in the front 20 rows (only approximately 200 tickets) are available through AliceCooper.com.

No entire row has been reserved for the package opportunities, ensuring that tickets in all rows be available not only through AliceCooper.com, but also through other ticket outlets and without the premium add-ons.

Premium tickets have NOT taken the entire first two rows for the Platinum packages. Many other tickets are available without paying a premium. Effort has been taken to put together a special evening including awesome seats, exclusive merchandise, autographs, a meet and greet, and a photo. More than just a ticket -- a night that will never be forgotten.

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Thanks for that Jr!! Interesting to see that he is playing in Newcastle.

I've thought that so many times katie!!

As soon as I've save enough I'm coming to Australia so night after night we can go to all this concerts we love so much! :P

:laughing: That'd be cool Foxy! I was trying to con my brother into going with me, and he suggested I take Mum instead :laughing: :laughing:. He obviously doesn't know much about Alice Cooper!

But Foxy, I will be heading over your way at the end of this year or start of next. Mum & Dad are giving me an airticket for my 21st birthday, so I'm set. If there is a concert on then, I'd love to go!!!!! :rockon:

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I will be going to Ireland first. My friend flew out to Ireland today and I will be joining her at some stage there. Then I want to go to England, Scotland and Wales. I can't wait to go, it sounds fantastic over there! Only problem is your money is about one and a half times ours!!!

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I never really thought about that katie, as when we go on holiday, we always get more for our money if you know what I mean! Didn't think about it in reverse!!

Hope we can catch up sometime in the next couple of years in person, that would be really cool!

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