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Hendrix Legal Victory

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:guitar:Jimi Hendrix's Family Wins Bootleg Case

The family of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix has triumphed in a legal wrangle over the sale of a bootleg album.

The live disc - titled 'Jimi Hendrix Stockholm Concert '69' - was illegally recorded in Sweden a year before the tragic rocker died of a drug overdose.

However, a ban has been imposed by a London High Court Judge on sales of the CD - and English company Purple Haze Records has been ordered to pay damages of up to $28,500.

Hendrix's family also successfully sued the owner of Slough-based Purple Haze Records, Lawrence Miller.

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Hendrix must be the artist who sold more records after his death...He has few official albums released during his life, but all those live concerts...and studio stuff... and whatever, I once saw a list of 78 JH´s albums, most of them bootleg...

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