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Coolest Site of September

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On Sept. 23, Songfacts was the Cool Site of the Day. Their website picks an interesting site every day and has their users rate the site from 1-10. Songfacts got the best score of all the sites in September:


When we started Songfacts, we figured it would be useful to disc jockeys and some hard-core music fans. Over the last few years, we've found out that many people enjoy learning and talking about songs, and it's very exciting to score so high among sites picked for their overall coolness. Thanks to you all for contributing to Songfacts and making it so darn cool.

Carl :coolio:

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It's the people here that make Songfacts a cool site. This place is like a favorite bar or restaurant for me, where the crowd is always fun. Nobody picking on anyone for the various musical views, no mud slinging, anad no name calling that is so prevalent with other boards. as I said before, the familiar names here are all people I'd have over for a party.

Stay well.


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