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All right, this is a poem, written quite some time ago. Maybe it will lighten people's spirits and give them something to look forward to.

Life is filled with decisions you make

The hardest one is which path you?ll take

The road of joy is full of deceit

A path of lava which burns your feet

The road of sorrow does not shed light

No silver lining in the dark of night

But the road we hate is the one we choose

We laugh and cry we profit and lose

We hit the bottom we hit the top

We go back and forth and never stop

For happiness comes with a price

We struggle to find all day and night

But life has a way and life has a reason

To change ourselves like we?re a season

You may think it hurts you may feel the pain

But with all the bad a knowledge you?ll gain

Apply your smarts and grow each year

Do not look back do not shed a tear

But you can look back when it is through

And thank the life that has been brought to you

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