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  1. Hello All! Thank you Thank you for all of the great feedback on my last post...you're all amazing! So here's something brand new for y'all to check out. I wrote this as an assignment for my World Lit. class (we had to come up with the most tresured object in our lives and write about it...I chose a moment in time). This is probably my most vivd and poignant memory because it was the percise instant that I fell in love with my best friend (whom is now my boyfriend :. From the moment I met him, I knew that there was something profoundly important about him; that he would become a fixed objec
  2. 'mazing as usual! What kind of music did u put this to?
  3. So for my boyfriend for Christmas, I am making him a scrap book with poems that I have written for him, as well as piecies by other authors, qoutes, song lyrics, pictures, etc. So tonight, we had our secret santa party and I decided that I would give him a hint as to what his present was going to be. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions as to what any of the poem is referring to, please feel free to ask! Musings dreams are dreams gone dusty and fading in the purple sunlight it is understandable; why? we?re still here? they?ve left us so deftly ? did we realize th
  4. YAY! Beautiful as always! But if I may ask a VERY stupid question (and you all must know that I completely understand how pedestrian this query is...) what IS chamber pop? I'm trying to get the full effect of the song in my head and it's just not getting there...haha...well, I've been embarrassed enough for one day...Bravo on your great work! Nikki ::
  5. I loved the piece...im so glad you started posting again...you know my story...and this makes more sense than it ever would have before...thanks for posting it
  6. I'm agnostic (simply because I am far to scientific and cannot prove or disprove the existence of g-d) but I was brought up in a devout Roman Catholic (Italian) family, so Christmas is a huge tradition in my house. We do the decorate-after-thanksgiving thing...our interior designer changed the house all around this year so we had to get all new stuff...that was soooooo much fun! We have two trees (soon to be three) and the whole boughs of evergreen around the lamp post w/ cranberry velvet bows and excessive amounts of white lights (but not enought to make it look tacky!). Every room gets d
  7. See Aaron? That wasn't so hard! hehe! Really, that was great...i really liked the flow.
  8. the horse (who, by the way is named Lord Byron...haha, even my horse is named after a poet...im so sad) actually lives about ten miles away in Concord, MA...hehe, though Byron would fit on the train...he's only about 900 lbs. and 14.1 hands tall (that's about 4.7ft @ the shoulder)...that would be pretty d*mn funny...he might, however, exceed the weight limit...poor thing...he has a slight weight issue!
  9. POST IT POST IT!!! I promise i'll respond
  10. haha the ven...definately a typo...supposed to say EVEN haha yeah, it confused me too when i read teh post!
  11. Hullo all...so im sorta new here (i've had a few posts on the Creative Writing forum) and I was just wondering what everyone was into out there...personally? I am huge into horseback riding (hunter/jumpers) and I am pretty into fencing as well. I love to write (obviously...hehe : and I am a total science geek (mostly molecular genetics and astrophysics, but I am fairly open to all scientific endevors). I am a sr. in high school and will hopefully (if there is a g-d out there who has been listening to my prayers since I was four) attend Harvard next year. I love John Steinbeck, James Joyce,
  12. Okey dokey...so y'all may or may not know that E.E. Cummings (note the capitalization...yes, the lawyers finally resolved this issue!!) is my favorite poet and one of my greatest influences. Coupled with James Joyce, you get one mean, slightly confusing piece of prose. So basically, this is a stream-of-consciousness poem with Cummingsesque spacing, punctuation, capitalization and intended spelling errors (note: attentionspan...get it? hehe). Basically, this was my train of thought at 12:45 am in the form of a poem. Considerations and taking into account all that I have done to cr
  13. My greatest influences are E.E. Cummings, James Joyce (Thank you so very much for Stream-of-Consciousness) and quite possibly Dante (but that's only when I write in Italian...not that I do that very often). As to where my short stories come from...I have absolutely no idea!
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