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Well, you might try Aqualung (especially "Strange & Beautiful - I'll put a spell on you") and perhaps some Travis. It might also be worth looking into Moby (try "Porcelian") and maybe even John Mayer. There are loads of late 90's early 00's bands that did similar songs - like 5 for fighting's "superman" or even some Our Lady Peace. I'm sure you'll get loads of options from the posters here ::

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Hey guys

I'm trying to make a cd up and im a bit stuck for songs.The songs that i'm looking for have got the same sort of style as coldplay and maroon 5 ( she will be loved). Anyone who has any suggestions would be great.

Earth-Angel is on the mark. Coldplay and Maroon 5 are nowhere near as good as Kent, Radiohead, Travis, and Aqualung, so you'll have an oveflow of great songs to choose from. Try these:


"Everything Changed"

"Falling Out Of Love"

"Good Times Gonna Come" :puppyeyes:

David Bowie:

"The Prettiest Star"


"Wild Is The Wind"

The Catherine Wheel:

"Black Metallic"


Franz Ferdinand:

"Auf Achse"




"Say Something"


"Heavenly Junkies"



Mazzy Star:

"Fade Into You" :puppyeyes:


"Life In Mono"


"Death Goes To The Disco"


"High And Dry"

"No Surprises"

"True Love Waits (live)"


"Monday Morning 5:19"




"Everything Will Flow"






"Why Does It Always Rain On Me?"

Suzanne Vega:

"Solitude Standing"

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