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"The Man From Earth"


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Here's a movie to "put in your pipe and smoke." A colleague you've known for a decade is moving on, and friends come by to bid him farewell. He hasn't aged at all in the decade you've known him, and he has a Secret that he spills. "I am 14,000 years old, more or less." How would you handle that? Press PLAY for a Hard Science Fiction tale that doesn't have spaceships, Alien monsters, or state of the art DFX. (Suggested by a video about 11 Hard Science movies, such as "Europa Report" and "Robert and Frank.") 

Is there a Part 2? "The Man From Earth Holocene" (2017)

11 Hard Science Fciton movies...

Edited by Otokichi
"Whatever Happened to Corporal Cuckoo?" is another interesting short story...
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