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Good luck trying to afford tickets to their gigs. Their shows are legendary for the exhorbitant prices they charge.
That isn't true. The bloody ticket scalpers are the ones who jack them up, thank them. U2 is pretty p/o'd about it. They charged up to $49 for their tickets, which is extremely reasonable.
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Saw them in Vancouver a few months back. A friend bought the tickets from a f***ing eBay scalper, so I paid him the $150/ticket, figuring it was worth it. I was right.

Second time I've seen them. No concert experience compares to a U2 show, in my experience at least. Never seen Springsteen, which I imagine might come close. The energy, the musicianship, the whole feel of the show is indescribable.

Anyway, I actually heard there were fans who bought tickets on eBay that ended up being fake and they couldn't get into the show. Can you imagine $150 and turned away at the door?

Somebody needs to do something about the scalping business. It's a crime, isn't it? Should be.

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