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Erase that old Cassette!


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Are you still using Ye Olde Walkman instead of "steaming content"? Is the price/quality of new cassettes both too high and too low? How about combing eBay for used cassettes and erasing them? "Techmoan" looks at three ways to banish Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" to oblivion to record, say, a bootleg live recording of Twisted Sister. The units are: Sony BE-9H single pass eraser, Radio Shack Bulk Eraser (tan case), Sony BE-A200 (One side at a time), and the permament magnet found on today's cassette recorders. Which one "restores the silence" and which one "leaves a ghost"? Press PLAY and see "Techmoan" fail to RTFM...

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