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Ernest P. Worrell lives!


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You're a time-crunched 21st century Hipster that wants everything FAST? Fear not, some years ago, "Ernest P. Worrell" came back to life! Instead of taking nearly a quarter hour to get the skinny on a movie, here's Vern's neighbor to do it faster. (Reader's Digest has been out-condensed...again.;) So here's the express lane dope on "Scarface," with as much "Corn Pone Humor" as "Hee-Haw" in it's best days. Don't like this "Rural Free Digestion" of movies? Then don't Press PLAY to continue. You Have Been Warned!;)

How about "The Rise of Skywalker"?

Or "Aliens" Explained For Cowards?;)

Edited by Otokichi
Old movie don't fly with Hipsters. Monochrome movies, too.:(s
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