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2004 "RCA" Reel Media Center


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"Attention Flavio's TV Auction shoppers, here's a limited time "RCA Reel Media Center" machine for pennies on the dollar! Buy it before you smart ass neighbor Tony gets one! Own a unique audio thingamabob." Submitted for your befuddlement, "Techmoan" has struck some kind of mineral via an "old tech" maven. It Plays CDs! It records CDs to tape! It doesn't have a pesky radio! It uses 1/8 inch tape! (Where do you get 1/8" tape on a reel?) Fear not, Matt will find out more about this "faux RCA" thing. Press PLAY for the Rod Serling intro...;)

As promised, Rod Serling for "The Scary Door";)

Edited by Otokichi
Another Polyconcept electronic mish-mash...
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