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Presented for your confusion, a set of musical introductions for a Japanese "Police Procedural" series that ran from 2000-2020. "Aibou/Parteners" featured two "put-out-to-pasture" Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers. "Special Missions," is a repurposed store room in Section 3, Financial Crimes, for "Police misfits" who have no duties, no cases, and "time to do nothing." Inspector Ukyo Sugishita, the senior officer, was taken off an elite action team after "things went FUBAR." An Anglophile who lived in Britain and prefers English tea, he's seen a "revolving door" of lower ranked officers quit. However, due to "his bad habit" of investigating Cold/stalled/inactive cases, he and his partners have an enviable but unheralded record of solved cases. "Special Missions" has been dragging Section 2 detectives, kicking and screaming, into "dead end cases," which they then take credit for solving. From housewives to company presidents, celebrities and scientists, no culprit escapes "The Partners." If the mehtodology of Sugishita sounds a bit like "Columbo," I suspect that is the point of this debonair detectice who drives a Black-and-White Nissan Figaro. Nissan Figaro

Edited by Otokichi
As far as I know, there are no black-and-white Nissan Figaros!
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