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All time "Feel Good Favourites"

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Hi. I'm new to your forum so keen to hear your thoughts on this. I host shows on a not for profit radio station playing classic oldies from the past 6 decades. In these difficult days it strikes me that uplifting music is greatly needed. So I'm starting a search for the most uplifting pop songs ever. But what would be your Feel Good Top 10 songs? I'll start with a few nominations I've received from listeners already to get you going:

"Be Thankful For What You've Got"

"The Best Thing That Ever Happened"

"Don't You Worry About A Thing"

"Take It To The Limit"

"Things Can Only Get Better"

So what songs lift your spirits most?

...let your nominations begin!

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It's a "dumped guy/Blues" song in a very foreign language for the 1960's, but Kyu Sakamoto's song soared to the top of the U.S. music charts. In addition, it was a "fall down nine times, get up ten" song in Japan. Next time you hanker for Sukiyaki, remember this song, which lends itself to toasts and group sing-alongs. Besides, it has a bright, breezy tempo, belying the topic.

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