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"The Point" (1971)

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I first heard about this movie at college when an underclassman revealed that he had the Original Sound Track LP. Actually, it was the whole movie on the LP, with Harry Nilsson reading/acting out the parts. I recall that a number of the tunes in this movie showed up (briefly) on radio. I filed this movie away, mentally, in the "Someday I will get this movie to see what it looks like." Years passed, and I think I ran across a short on YouTube, but the whole movie remained out of sight. Two interesting movies I've seen recently ("Hana-bi/Fireworks" and "Bad Education") aren't generally available, so I went searching for Something Completely  Different. Submitted for your approval, a 1971 animated feature about a misfit and his dog. (Don't get lost in the "Pointless Forest"!;)

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