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Sony NW-A55: The "cheap digital Walkman"


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Say what!? Your "little bundle of joy" dropped your does-everything-but-vote Smartphone into the ocean/river/down the sewer? After some harsh words and histrionics, you settle for a "burner phone" until the next SuperDazzle Gen. 7 phone arrives. The "burner doesn't do music"!? What's left? Enter the uses-a-Sony-OS "cheaper Walkman" NW-A55, which will let you FLAC through the workday. "Techmoan" found that the "cheap Walkman" is different from the top of the line NW-100 series, and not just the price. Was this a "built on a Thursday/just before the weekend" glitch? Take a look/listen as "Techmoan" investigates.

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