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New music on...a MiniDisc!?


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And now something unique for the holidays from "Techmoan." Submitted for your approval, new music/artists on: LPs, Compact Cassettes, MiniDisc, DCC, and 8 Track cartridge!? As an unknown/new artist, how do you "get noticed" or rise above the crowd? For maximum impact, get your music pressed on a "sparkly" disc that is a sight and sound delight. (Not only does it sparkle, there's a changing hologram to be seen!) What if you're an established artist who wants to make the next opus memorable? A limited edition tape cassette will get the Steam Punks to notice. How about DIY music? MiniDiscs are still being produced for that "Blade Runner'/"Star Trek" alternate time line feel. Stuck in the 1070's?  Put your next musical journey on 8 Track for the mobile sound market. Is the ultra niche market your game? Go with DCC, an obscure 1990's format. Not obscure enough? Release it on microcassette! (No Puppets...again.)

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Music CDs are so ordinary...
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