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Submitted for your approval, an early 21st century TV series about time/space anomalies that allow ancient animals to run amok and gobble up unsuspecting moderns. First up, a fan video celebrating young animals frolicking through the modern world to "The Hamster Dance.'";) Then, it's "reduced/picture-in-picture time for this "midnight SF channel" show. The SF channel stopped broadcasting the series, so I never did figure out what was behind the "spacial anomalies" that allowed these post-"Walking With Dinosaurs" to run rampant across the UK. Get your "Jurassic Park" Tranquilizer gun out, we're gonna hunt, er, Run For Your Lives!

Top Ten "Primeval" Creatures.

Edited by Otokichi
If you see a "crystalline spacial anomaly," RUN AWAY!
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