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"Myn Bala": Warriors of the Steppe


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Kazakhstan for real! ("Borat"? What is that?) An epic (2 hour+) movie about horse-borne warriors struggling to survive against a determined enemy. Some folk complain if a movie runs more than 120 minutes, so put another Jiffy Pop "stove top expander" on. Once again, Turner Classic Movies is showing "Hollywood Studio System Classics" instead of Silents plus foreign films. It took a while to find an interesting movie, but if your like "Neo Nazi Skin Head Modern Germany," then "Combat Girls" (2011) is your shot of Schnapps. How about The Eighty Years War on the Spanish side? Keep your powder dry with "Alatriste." (2006) Do murderous French schoolboys interest you? "Fever" (2014) is your Leopold & Loeb kinda movie. 

"Combat Girls" (2011)

"Alatriste" (2006)

"Fever" (2014)

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Lousy American movies? Check these out...
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