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Shark Tale Review


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Well the kids and I just got back. I must say, I was disappointed, as were my kids. The setting is an ocean floor

city, with the main character (Will Smith) living in the lowest level, the equivalent of the projects, I suppose. He dreams of making it to the top level of the city.

Without giving it away, he stumbles into some celebrity status, through events not of his own doing.

Over all, it wasn't horrible. I never laughed out loud, but had a few instances where I smiled. It moves along.

As far as the soundtrack, it's mostly urban, which I don't care for to begin with. There are a few oldies mixed in from the Motown and Disco era, which was nice. I think, if I'm not mistaken, they were "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I can't help myself", "Ooh, Ooh, Child", and a pretty good remake of "Car Wash".

The Car Wash was sung by Christina Aguilera(sp?), and it was darn good. I've always liked the power and clarity of her voice, but I've always disliked her type of music, so to hear her wonderful voice be put to good use was a pleasant surprise. Finally, a song of hers I can listen to.

But I digress....

Overall, I'd give it 1 1/2, possibly 2 stars. That's biased, though, because I just don't relate to the whole inner city, gold chain hip hop genre.

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I am going to have to agree with JR...I really did not find it that amusing, not to mention super predictable. I did like how well they made the characters look like the actor doing the voice though...that was good.

I think I would give it a thumbs down. :thumbsdown: If you are that curious though at least wait until it comes out on DVD because it is NOT worth $8.50 + munchies at the theater.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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