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I need help.

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I need help with some Yes.

I just bought Yes's Tormato at some kind of second-hand store, (no I'm not poor, mom's cheap, I refused to let her buy me anything unless it was like a concert tee or something).

Anyway, what was the lineup for that album? I hope to god it's with Wakeman.I want to know before I listen. :rockon:

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Tales from TO has the same line up I mentioned before. I checked it, it´s two albums, not three. The cover is great, but I found a copy at a friend´s place and I think it´s a little boring, not like Fragile or Close to the edge. Besides, both records 1 & 2 from Tales are more or less the same, so don´t worry and hope you´ll be REALLY lucky next time!

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