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Short poems


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Here's a couple of short poems I wrote..

A Beautiful:

Your Body is all beauty

violets teem, sunshine covers

onto where roses lay on warm soft beds

And flickers swim high

in the open blue.

What a good day it is

thus my feelings afloat

from here to you.

You the Actor:

A day is endless

not in time, but life.

it walks, it runs

from here to their

It'll fly and even hide, clear as air

They come and go

so fix your act

Always give a perfect show.

Pure, Pure, Pure:

What the!

I saw heaven

it was pure in all of white

yet no eyes saw means

was I dreaming?

no it was just T.V.

But could this be reall?

I guess so

'cus I believe in He!.

The next one is my 1st poem I wrote 4 years ago, I'm just basically metaphoring a commander to a sterotypist.


Hey, commander

what's your command?

owning amenities is a rule

sir, that is hard to follow

I'm dazed and I refuse

So I'll be me

Probally, your enemy

And now I feel relieved


Curious I'am

shall I be like you?

well-known in perfect cool.

Hand me those expensive shoes

amend them to your crews.

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I would love to be at the place you described in "A Beautiful", sounds very peaceful & Blue. I often times aspire to a perfect fantasy region, where I can let all my troubles dissolve into the ocean and lie down & stare at the beautiful sky, while soothing music plays in the mileu & birds fly above me. Very nice writing incidentally.

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