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Mr. Rogers' theme song

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Submitted for you approval, a very down to earth TV host from the 1960's to early 2000, who has yet to be matched. (PBS' animated "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" is the current iteration.) By the time Mr. Rogers arrived on the local public TV station, I was a know-it-all-into-myself-smug high school teen. My mother, a second grade teacher, used to watch this in the afternoon, which is where I came across his talk on Death. It began with a Guppy lying on the bottom of the fish tank, progressed to an "Is it still alive/can it be brought back to life?" segment, and ended, not with the Guppy flushed down the toilet or given to the cat, but the kind of funeral service held for a beloved family member. He had a profound respect for all things living, from children to aquarium fish. This short introduction revealed what he was all about, and I hope that Tom Hanks realizes the giant-size shoes he has to fill in the upcoming movie.  

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Jim Carrey's version is not worth mentioning.

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