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Thanks for making such a great site. I visit pretty much daily. :bow:

I have one suggestion though. For the "Search by Artist" list box on the front page you have a javascript onchange event that automatically refreshes to the artist's page when you click on one of the select items.

In most cases something like this is really helpful, but with so many artists its nice to be able to click on the select box and type the first letter of the artist's name to jump down to them. Its a pain to have to scroll through the whole list because you can't click in the select box without it refreshing to an arist page.

Would it be possible to disable the javascript onchange and just have it so you click on a "Go" submit button like for the year select box? (In most browsers you would be able to just hit enter instead of actually having to click on the submit button)



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I'm glad you enjoy the site and thanks for the suggestion! Its always helpful to know what people are thinking as they try to navigate the site. I'll look into your idea and we'll see what we can do to make the experience better!

Anyone else agree, disagree, have other ideas for how they'd like the Artist Search to work?

Thanks! :) Sara

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What would you guys think of an alphabetical artist browse like we have for the song titles? The browse box was a breakthrough when we put it up, but it has gotten a little unruly.

That would be awesome!

Maybe you could also allow text searches for the artist, just like you have for the song names.

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Just so you guys don't think we've abandoned your idea - we're still in the process of trying to make an artist browse function properly. It's more complicated than browsing by song title.....I have a new design done for the home page, now we're just hoping for some divine inspiration when it comes to making the back end work! This is me (& Carl too!) > > > :stars:


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