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  1. Well, it looks like they follow the same motto as DMOZ. "All our data is available for use, free of charge, under the terms of our data use license." http://musicmoz.org/xml/license.html http://musicmoz.org/xml/ Pretty cool, eh? If you guys are interested I would be willing to help you with the XML dumps. Andrew
  2. I'm sure you have heard of dmoz, the open directory project, which is used on a number of large website including Google. A few of the editors from the open directory project started MusicMoz. I'm sure you can guess what it is. I'm sure its been around for a while, but I just found it today while procrastinating. Anyway, I think a partnership between your site and theirs could be very, very cool. To get an idea of what kind of info they have, here's their page for Pink Floyd: http://musicmoz.org/Bands_and_Artists/P/Pink_Floyd/ Andrew
  3. If you don't show the date that the latest additions were added new users won't notice and think the site is dead. And dedicated users who come to the site daily anyway (like me) won't care even if they do notice. I run a consumer review website where products are added every few days and I don't list the dates that they were added. Users who visit the site daily love being able to see the latest product and review additions and new users don't usually take notice/advantage of the feature. The latest 5 product and review additions are shown on the front page with a link to see the latest 10
  4. That would be awesome! Maybe you could also allow text searches for the artist, just like you have for the song names.
  5. Thanks for making such a great site. I visit pretty much daily. I have one suggestion though. For the "Search by Artist" list box on the front page you have a javascript onchange event that automatically refreshes to the artist's page when you click on one of the select items. In most cases something like this is really helpful, but with so many artists its nice to be able to click on the select box and type the first letter of the artist's name to jump down to them. Its a pain to have to scroll through the whole list because you can't click in the select box without it refreshing to a
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