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A long time ago (The 1950's) there was a music class for elementary school that featured songs like "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean." One song was a perennial fave of the music teacher, and I recall seeing that it was a Sicilian folk song. The opening line ran something like this:

"Come out when the moon is full and the wind is fair, come out into the open air."

The song was almost like the German song, "The Happy Wanderer," speaking of walking hither and yon, singing and dancing all the way. Sorry, I don't remember the Italian title, and online lyric searches have led nowhere. It's almost as if I imagined the whole thing, but one can't forget: "Columbia, the gem of the ocean" back just before Sputnik and just after the original Mikey Mouse Club on TV. How's this for a musical mystery?

I ran the English lyrics through Google! translate and here's what popped up:

esci quando la luna è piena e il vento è giusto, vieni fuori all'aria aperta

Or ia it more like "the moon ois full..."?

vieni fuori la luna è piena e il vento è giusto, vieni fuori all'aria aperta
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It was labelled a "Sicilian folk song."
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