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On KIKU TV, a Japanese drama is running about a 100 year old Tabi (Japanese socks) company that is headed for "the last roundup" as their local bank refuses to loan them capital. Down to 20 workers, the company president and the loan officer consider how to keep the business alive. Running shoes are a possibility, since they can use their Tabi-making expertise to create an Orthopedic version. Problems galore pop up, from the company's "lack of experience" in the field, to the loan officer being rusticated to a tiny branch, to fast wear out of the sole material, to needing a professional endorsement, to family issues. I couldn't find streaming video of this 10-part series, so a theme song will have to do.

So, what are they singing about? 

A little conext for "Rikuoh" and current Japanese dramas...

Another English translation of "Jupiter"

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