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Happiness is when I'm near you to share your smile


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I posted this earlier but replies petered out, thought I would try again with the mystery lyric in the subject line.

In the 60's I lived in Lompoc, a small town on the Central California coast. It had one AM pop station, and the neighboring town, Santa Maria, had one also. There was a song from approximately 1967, part of the lyrics went:

"Happiness is when I'm near you, to share your smile, always near you..."

I never remembered who sang it, and didn't run into anyone who remembered it until 10 years later. She could sing it but didn't remember the artist. I wrote down more of the lyrics but lost them. Google and other lyric sites have been no help, no one in oldies record stores knows it, the local Seattle oldies station DJ's don't know it. It obviously didn't make the charts, it wasn't that good a song, but for some evil reason it has been bugging me for almost 40 years! Anybody recognize it? Thanks!

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I found this one - it has a melody playing too. It says it's from 1947, but could easily have been covered in the 60's. The details I found were "NEAR YOU

Francis Craig

- words and music by Francis Craig and Kermit Goell

- lyrics as recorded August 4, 1947 by The Andrews Sisters

with Vic Schoen & His Orchestra"

I hope this helps and is the song you are looking for ::! I just had a quick scratch around google. If not, good luck :D

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