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Polaroid is back!?

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I was touring YouTube when I came across several posts to the effect that "Polaroid is Back!" I've been aware that The Impossible Project has been marketing so-so instant photographic film and cameras for Hipsters. (Whatever they are.) Compared to Fuji's Instax film, Impossible film was sub par, taking a lot of time to finish developing and subject to fading away over time. So, "Hipster Photography" has belonged to Instax...until now. Promising better quality and lower prices for 600-series Polaroid film, plus a new camera and film, at first glance it looks like Impossible has become Polaroid. I always looked upon "Polaroid squares" as part of the short-attention-span-photography/ethereal prints scene now known as "Hipster." I've always been a "got a negative/print/slide?" photographer who preferred stuff that lasts/lasted. The only Polaroid I miss is 100- and 600-series Pack film that was used by professionals to check exposure and layouts before using "real film." So, is your Polaroid experience of the "James Garner & Mariette Hartley Polaroid 600" variety, or do you remember "Polaroid P/N, Type 55" which could produce either a good black-and-white print or a good negartive. (But never both.;)? 

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