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Kids might think "Walkman" is a non-running marathon "racer." But you know better, having wrestled with compact cassettes, batteries, and headphones as you "trucked along" in the 1980's. So you couldn't afford a pricey Sony Walkman back in the day, but Ye Olde Aiwa cassette tape player just bit the dust. So, which model of Sony Walkman fits your Retro sytle? "Techmoan" also bought a cheaper tape player, but has looked at what's available for the Walkman hunter. So, get out your "Philip J. Fry Space Invaders all-Rush" mixtape and prepare to repel Y3K space invaders! (I can't remember if I ever bothered with a portable cassette player, since my hand-rolled-from-LP tapes were played on Ye Olde Pioneer cassette deck or the Concord car tape/FM radio unit.;)

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