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Here's a band I've not seen mentioned at Songfacts. These guys are veteran hard metal enthusiasts and are my favourite. If some of you that enjoy hard music have never heard of them, do yourself a favor and start with the CD The Years of Decay. Then, get Horrorscope. After this, get I Hear Black. If you follow these instructions and still don't like Overkill then I'll gladly pay for the CDs. You must be a fan of hard metal though. By the time you get through with I Hear Black my guess is that you will love them as much as I and continue to get more of their works. You'll not hear a tighter band, I assure you.

Those of you that have heard Overkill, discuss...

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No, not at all. It's just that the three I mentioned are my personal favourites.

You've got to get Horrorscope and I Hear Black though If you like Years of Decay. If you get them I wanna hear how much you love 'em. ::

I just think that they are so good that I want others to hear them. They are the Beetovens of hard metal. They are so tight and the singer sings with such energy that it will provide years of pleasure to those that listen.

They are one of a kind, IMO. They're not for everyone but those that like 'em, love 'em.

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Man, this is really frustrating. The sound clips are only 30 seconds long. Overkill is a band that has a lot of variations and breaks in their songs, one of the reasons why I like 'em so much. These 30 second samples only give a glimpse and just as it's about to get good, it ends. LMAO

I'll give the Horrorscope one. Check all of the samples out but keep in mind that it's not even close to what comes in each song. It will kinda give you an idea though.

The Frankenstein track is a cover of Edgar Winter's. In another thread, I commented on how great the intro to Horrorscope was. In the sample, it doesn't start at the intro. (lol) One would think that whoever made the sound samples would at least time them to a break. Not one of these samples play the excellent break style that Overkill is famous for. Their songs build up to a break and then, watch out!

I dunno, if I had never heard Overkill and all I had to go by were these samples I'd probably say:

Muziktyme, you gotta be crazy for liking that garbage.

Ones that know me well know I don't rave about too many things unless they are good. These guys are GREAT!!!

Check it out... Horrorscope

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