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  1. They even COVERED Sabbath on their "Fxxk You"-EP!!
  2. I like OVERKILL too, but I started with the "Fxxk You"-EP, then I bought "The Years Of Decay". Am I terribly wrong?
  3. In the early and mid-seventies, there have been several German bands, especially EAST-German bands, which used classic tunes in their music. Bands like "Electra" and "Stern Meissen" adapted (is this the right word?) works from Mozart, Rachmaninov, Bach, Borodin etc. I guess that the blueprint for this was a Dutch band called "Ekseption".
  4. Glad to see that somebody mentioned SLAYER and OVERKILL. I´ve read in a Slayer-interview that "South Of Heaven" is written about the "hell on earth". Does that count? And "Green Hell" is about Vietnam as far as I know. I´m into Death- and Black-Metal for years, so there would be several suggestions to make for this thread. I know that it´s a cliche, but hell has got a high standing, especially in the DM. My favorite cover-artwork for a compilation with "songs about hell" would be Obituary´s "The End Complete". There´s no fire and no devil, but it scares me.
  5. What about Rickie Lee Jones? "Pirates" is one of the best albums I ever heard..."Living It Up" and "Traces Of The Western Slopes" are great songs. "Girl At Her Volcano" is very nice. Edie Brickell has been very inspired by RLJ, her whole first album is great, especially "Air Of December" and "I do". I´m a very huge Carole King-fan. "Tapestry" is wonderful, but not the only one I like. It´s a fact that EVERY CK-fan likes this the most (it´s just a bunch of hits), but there are other great things. Her album with "The City", some kind of a JazzRock-recording from 1968 which includes "Snow Queen", one of her best songs ever. The the first solo effort ("Writer"), the 1971 live-record. Or the "Fantasy"-album. There are some really bad recordings, f.e. "Speeding Time" in 1983, but even after that, she made some good efforts. "City Streets" in 1989 etc. I´ve got a compilation with all of her singles from 1960-1966 (the things that she wrote AND sang then) which is very, very nice. It´s called "Hits & Rarities from the 60s".
  6. They had nobody else in there. It was more a collaboration between Love Bone (Stone Gossard + Jeff Ament) and Soundgarden (Chris Cornell + Matt Cameron). They added a Seattle-guitar-hopeful (Mike McCready) and a San Diego-based surfer and talented singer (Eddie Vedder). After the album, the group (without the SG-members) continued working, first under "Mookie Blaylock", then "Pearl Jam". My dream collaboration: RUSH with Phil Rudd. No, this was a joke.
  7. You´re welcome. "Satyricon" is a good choice, one of the most progressive BM-bands ever. The song "Black Lava" is one of the best things ever written in extreme metal...it´s not fast or very brutal, it sounds like what its name says. To the videos: Most of these bands don´t have the money to make sort of a MTV-video. The bands with the budget for that ("Cradle Of Filth" for example) are the ones who make the videos you´re dealing with. There are several videos existing from the bands I´ve written about, but you won´t find these ones on TV. It´s still too much "underground" for the commercial stations.
  8. I like Black Metal since I´ve been 17 and I could explain some things (except of the murders of course...) but I don´t think that my English is good enough to do that. But I can say that some bands (Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor, Satyricon), who doesn´t work only with an "image", can create a very dark and scary atmosphere. The lyrics often deal with the beauty of nature, above all the scandinavian nature which means the woods, the mountains, the seas etc.The cover-artwork often does intensify this atmosphere.
  9. That´s weird. I don´t think that it´s the "best" QUEEN-song ever, but it´s the one that everybody should know as the "trademark"-song of them. At least more than "A Kind Of Magic" or such crap. My personal favorite is "Innuendo", but I must add that this one reminds me of Led Zeppelin. I know that Plant has sung it one the Tribute-concert in 1992, but that version was really bad. It´s the last QUEEN-song on which they did what has made them famous...their pathetic style (did I say that right?) and so on. And it´s really HEAVY.
  10. Dumb & Dumber / UHF / Me, Myself & Irene / the 3 "Naked Gun" / Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls / BrainDead (okay, when you´re 17, this is the REAL SxxT)
  11. "KISS Alive" isn´t really a "live"-album. But there are some really great bootlegs like the "Cow Palace"-concert in Frisco in 1977. Other good live-recordings are "Blood, Sweat & Tears In Concert" and Carole King´s "The Carnegie Hall Concert 1971". Good German live-LPs are for example Extrabreit´s "Das grenzt schon an Musik" and "Bis zum bitteren Ende" from the Toten Hosen. These ones are REALLY live. And hot.
  12. Khashoggi´s Ship In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited)
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