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Walking on Sunshine (Spring!)

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The first day of Spring arrived just in time for Spring Break. So here's to frolicking in green grass, surf and sea, or foamy beer up to your ankles, Old Man Winter is gone! Out here, we've had a spell of cool wintry winds from a passing storm system. This week, it's variable winds and sticky, hot weather until the Saturday. Let's see what kind of beer is on sale at CVS...

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CVS bought Hawaii's Longs Drugs chain from it's California owners some years ago when Walgreens tried to cheap out on the purchase price. Yes, I could buy anything from Budweiser to Japan's Asahi beer if I so wanted, since that beverage has been on sale since before Hawaii statehood in 1959. As for Walgreens, they're a minority player in the drug store game, trailing ABC Stores and more-branches-than-Starbuck's Longs Drugs.  

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