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Again. Ringo

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Several people have blasted my post that Ringo Starr was rude and very demeaning toward my son. It's just the facts. I was talking to Steve Lukather when Ringo started putting down my son. I was offended of course. Mr Lukather then proceeded to tell me that someone asked Ringo if he needed a click track. He said adamantly that He was the click track. Implying that his timing and rythym was so impeccable he could do no wrong. Don't get me wrong. I like some Beatles songs. But some of them are not good at all. Some people like my sons music. Some don't. I respect that. I just don't see why the Beatles are always put up on the pedestal and can do no wrong. Yes they were influential. All music in the past a person has listened to will influence you. Admit it or not. I don't like Ringo. So let it go. 

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